Acne Scars and Pimples Causes and Home Treatment



What is ACNE

An inflammatory skin disorder which results in pimples, redness and infections in skin. Highly irritation or inflammation of skin is very common in acne. Makeup and skin care Tips

What are the Causes of Acne Scars

There are naturally tiny holes under every hair follicle named “sebaceous gland”. The gland generates oil called sebum that has task to oil hair ducts and surface of skin that protects our skin from pimples and acne problems. Glands use nutrients (Vitamins A &B2) from our food to produce this important oil, but when people steps into adulthood some other changes took place in body. These changes are development of new glands “sexual glands".

In our natural body process, priority is given to these sexual glands. First nutrients are provided to these sexual glands and the remaining nutrients then provided to Sebaceous glands to produce Sebum oil. Therefore, if there is not enough supply of nutrients (Vitamin A & B2) to body from your food this results in Acne. It concludes that major cause of acne is insufficient intake of food or nutritious food. Another important cause is high sebum oil production that makes skin too much oily. Other causes are use of unhealthy and unbalanced food with regard to protein and carbohydrate like burgers, junk food etc, exposing to extreme sunlight, keeping clothes and bed dirty, menstruation problems, taking a lot of alcohol, eggs, meat or other hot natured foods, too much moisture and pregnancy.



Acne develops mostly during the life stage of adolescence and it affects more than 90% of teenagers up to adulthood. As mentioned earlier, in males and females it develops due to increase in sex hormones.

Mostly it gradually go off with the passage of time as the person grows more, approximately up to age of twenty. In little number of cases, it carries to age of thirty to forty.

Symptoms/ Indications of Acne

In acne, person’s face and upper neck are those areas that are mostly affected; in addition, chest, back and shoulders can also be affected. Sometimes upper arms also become victim of acne. However, symptoms of acne can be described medically as papules, blackheads, cysts, nodules, whiteheads etc.

Treatment for Acne Scars

Physicians suggest the treatment according to nature and intensity of acne in the patient. Doctors also keep in mind that whether patient has some allergies or not because the medication can cause more disturbance to the skin of patient which will more difficult and harsh for both patient and doctor. Therefore, it is the duty of patient as well to provide full information to the doctor about past medical history. As far as the treatment is concerned, it may include lotions, gels and oral medicines.

      For mild acne i.e. whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples: -

Properly daily washing face with any mild soap and gently rubbing blemishes is very necessary and effective in this type of acne. In acids, Benzyl Peroxide and salicylic acids are recorded well in mild acne problems but patient should use them according to doctor advice. For more severe condition, doctors may suggest antibiotic lotions, creams to open blockages of pores of skin.

  For acne scars: -

Treatment options may include injections of Collagen to smooth skin, Dermabrasion treatment by a spinning wire to clean and skim off tissues in scar, Laser resurfacing to burn scar tissues, Chemabrasion/ Peeling to peel top layer of skin with chemicals. Remember acne treatments prolongs up to 5 to 8 weeks because it has to deal carefully and gradually. Doctors check periodically after effects of each treatment sitting then they start next if previous had worked right on skin because one time full treatment cannot be undo if it crates any wrong effect. 

Best Home remedies and Tips for Adult Acne

  • Along with medications patient should focus on balanced diet and regular skin cleansing, because acne can be very embarrassing for patient and can lead to depression and anxiety. Cleaning face with sulfuric soaps is very effective. Clean face must thrice a day, and every time if exposed to dust or sunlight. Face washing is very good habit whether there is acne problem or not. It keeps your skin white and smooth.
  • Astringents are very useful to remove extra oil on skin. For this purpose, you may use lemon extract mixed with rose water in night.
  • Now a day, oil free moisturizers are available for acne sufferers.
  • Take those foods that contain water not those of oil and petroleum.
  • Honey is a best natural antiseptic and sterilizer bleach to heal small acne blemishes. It kills all the bacteria on skin. Therefore, use honey mask weekly.
  • People who have long hairs create more problems to skin because hairs contain oil. Secondly, they carry more dust from air and put it to your face and neck when you move. So, try to keep hairs short, otherwise keep them tight properly.
  • For fulfilling nutrition requirements take multi-vitamins especially vitamin A and B. Vitamin A protects skin from acne by reducing sebum oil production.
  • It seems that chromium supplements quickly heal pimples. So, they also may be taken.
  • Do not apply much makeup on skin because they include different chemicals that can be very dangerous for face skin, and do not forget to remove properly makeup before going to bed.
  • Drink eight glasses of water daily no matter you have acne or not. It will make your skin like baby skin.
  • Do not touch your pimples and don not squeeze them. If any pimple is squeezed, remove that fluid with some cloth. If this fluid or your finger, after touching a pimple, touches a skin area, which is healthy, it will affect that area too.
  •   Avoid all creams and lotion that contain alcohol.
  • Daily clean your pillow cover.
  • Do not wear tight clothes to avoid touching to pimples and stopping air ventilation.
  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
  • Daily exercise and stretch your body for blood circulation in body.
  • Stress and acne have direct relationship and deep breathing in fresh air is a very effective exercise to remove stress. Try to increase your stamina as much as possible. The stamina is base of everything. If you have good stamina I guarantee you that you will never ever become angry and you will be very successful in your and business and other decisions as well as in all circumstances.



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