Henna For Hair Dye



Henna or Hina is an Arabic word used for Lawsonia inermis tree. It is a famous herbal, especially in Arab countries and Subcontinent region, used for different beauty purposes. The plant is very famous for girls especially for bridals beauty to give them a pretty and attractive look, that’s why beauticians in these regions charge high fee for making henna designs. Naturally, this herbal has reddish green color in its leaves, which is used for hair dying or mehndi designs on body, especially on arms and feet of girls. It gives the girl a charismatic look. Common uses of henna plant are skin dyeing, hair dyeing, and nail polishing.

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The original native birth place of this plant is the tropical Savannah in latitude between 35 °C and 45 °C. The plant grows fast in sunny weather. It grows with variable pace, in start the pace of growth remains high but in the end growth gradually slows down. The plant requires hot temperature and low temperature is just killing for the plant. The plant has been very famous since the birth of human being on earth, for example ancient drawings are discovered which belongs to 1500 and 500 BCE, in which women pictures contain Henna/ Hina designs on their hands, nails and feet. It has been used for body arts, medicines, perfumes and for other purposes as mentioned above. In subcontinent region henna use for beauty of girls is a tradition since 14th century. Talking about leather and wool, the plant plays a vital role in prevention of fungal.

Henna Hair dye for men and women

Henna is also used for hair dyeing purposes. Its big advantage is that it gives your hairs shinny and silky health and look with glowing brownish color, which is very famous among European females. Henna also cleans the head from lices, dandruff and roughness. That is why trade of Black Henna has gained an increasing trend among nations. Henna is used with combination of dried indigo for hair dyeing to give white hairs a blackish look. Hair dye with Henna saves you from allergic reactions and side effects of chemical hair colors found I market.

Temporary tattoos

For tattoo lovers Henna is also used for temporary tattoo making on body. It is good for tattoo because it has no side effects and stays for long time on skin. Traditional ways for Henna application is made with paste of Henna leaves. Nowadays, Henna trend has gain a rapid pace and people are using Henna for more than hair dye and nail application towards tattoo and other body art. However, the main issue is that in Henna tattoo we don’t have big range of colors because it just gives us reddish green color. That is why we can only use them for red, brown, green shades making.

Henna tattoos,

The benefit of Henna tattoo application is that it gives you healthy and comfort feeling along with no side effects, as well as it is very easy to apply. You just have to apply the paste on skin and leave it for sometime after that you just wash the skin and the color will be applied there. Best time is night time for Henna application. You just apply Henna on skin and go for sleep without caring about Henna, and wash it in morning.










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