Irregular Periods



What is Menstural Cycle

Menstrual cycle, most of time we hear about women periods which happen monthly bases or clockwork bases. It happens naturally or we can say it’s built in woman from the age of 10-15.  On regular basis woman got their periods every fourth week of a month. Some woman got problems and their period’s time may vary from their previous period time.


According to research most of female got their first period between the ages of 10 to 15, this first period is known as menarche; pronounced as meh-nar-kee.
Different girls got different period cycle, some got 24 days cycle and some got 34 days cycle period, in which 28 is common notice by the doctors. It varies each month from starting of their first period cycle.

The first day of girl’s period comes day one in her cycle period, at early stage her pituitary glands informed her ovaries got one of the eggs that contain for release. First one egg will grown-up completely, while grown-up of first egg lining of the uterus becomes thick to made place for fertilized egg. This whole process made girl pregnant.
On mid of 28day cycle the egg breaks loose and makes their way into uterus through fallopian. It is also known as ovulation. When egg doesn’t fertilized it starts to fall apart and after two weeks the lining and egg both leave a girl’s body as her period. And this whole process starts again over some time period that’s why called a cycle. With the passage of time the monthly periods may affects due to certain reasons. After two years of menarche, girl’s body may or may not allow this schedule, which has directly linked with brain. In response she may feel illness, rapid weight loss, stress etc.

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Normal Period Doesn’t have to Be Regular

In daily life, most of girl got their periods clockwork. Some girls got irregular or extra periods due to many reasons. When their daily life schedule changed or visit outstations, their periods may late or early before their cycle.
It is not necessary that each time they got similar time periods of their cycle; it may vary from time to time. Due to their hormones she may bleed first two-three days or may be at the end of week. These different levels of hormones the body manufactures vary from girl to girl, and it has direct effects with the amount and length of bleeding.   

Some experts diagnose different symptoms of irregular periods that are:

  • back cramps or stiffness
  • headaches
  • mood swings
  • bloating
  • acne breakouts
  • disturbed sleep patterns
  • heavier breasts or breast soreness

Teenage girl often got irregular periods problems; these are normal changes of their daily life. But after some tears when girl become mature, her periods becomes in clockwork in regular cycle. It will take almost three years from her menarche.
In some cases some teenage girls got irregular periods permanently due to excessive daily exercise, avoid eating calories and by losing weight. Also some got irregular problems due to imbalance of their hormone. When thyroid gland becomes disorder and level of thyroid hormones too low or high in blood, it affects menstrual irregularities. One of the other reasons for irregular periods is excessive production of androgen that is hormone, which causes increased muscle mass, facial hair, increased in height, public hairs, and deepening of the voice in males etc.  Due to high production of androgen, hair can grow on their face, chin, chest and abdomen.
If you missed your periods and you are sexually active than it is sign of pregnancy; and in these situations, girls should consult their doctor. Also if you are getting problems in your regular periods like longer than seven periods or less than seven periods , more than twenty one (21) days or less often every 45 days or got abdominal pain, in all cases you must consult doctor for precautionary measures.
Suggestion: during irregular periods girl should keep extra pads or tampons in their back and use them easily in these situations. But if you want removal of this irregularity than consultation of Doctor is must, will prescribed pills against irregularity.


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