Mehndi or Mehandi, is sometimes called Henna because it is extracted from Henna plant leaves. Mehndi has its natural color of brownish red and it is used for body skin makeup, to make the skin more pretty and attractive. It is used to make designs on the skin like tattoos and also used for hair dying purpose. People of Pakistan and India are very famous for Mehndi use.

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Mehndi has been the tradition of these countries for several years. Especial occasions for Mehndi designs and usage are Marriages, Engagements, Birthdays, Eids and all other special occasions like funfairs-convocations etc. While from all these Bridal makeup is the main usage of Mehndi.

Mehndi Use as hair dye

Along with female usage and application of Mehndi it has been noticed several times that males are also using Mehndi for hair dying for Head hairs, hairs of beard & mustaches. We also saw some people that they have applied Mehndi paste on their feet palm and hand palm, without any designing.

When we vesited to a doctor of herbal medicines we were told that Mehndi, has been used in medicines for long time even in allopathic medicines and also confirmed its cold natural effects. Other countries who are using mehndi are Bagladesh, Africa, Nepal, and other South Asian, communities.

When we asked them the purpose of this type of application of Mehndi, they told us that we were suffering from heating in Feet, Hand palms and the natural temperature of Mehndi is cold that’s why we have applied it to avoid heating palms.

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