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Sexual Problem of Girls

Menses /Periods Mahwari in Urdu by Noor clinic

Pain in Periods causes and treatment. By

Irregular Periods

Mahwari Bar Bar Ana

Problems in Pregnancy Treatment

Menstrual Cycle, Length and Pain in Period Cycle

Sexual Problem of Boys

Ehtelam ka elaj in urdu by

Jaryan Causes and treatment in urdu

Surat-e-Anzal ka Elaj desi Nuskha in urdu

Premature Ejaculation by Noor Clinic

Mardana Kamzori ka Elaj in Urdu " Erectile Dysfunction"

Masturbation Side Effects

Height and Weight

Dental Care


Quick Weight Loss Tips

Skin Care


Depression and treatment


Heart and Blood Pressure

Food And Nutrition


Baby Care


Allergy And Asthma


Sign and Symptoms

Bone and Muscles

Diabetes Mellitus


Genitourinary System

Blood And Body Fluid

Women Health

Gastro Intestinal Tract

Surgical Problem

Liver and Gall Bladder

Treatment and Precautions

Infectious Disease

Psychiatric Problem

Nervous System

General Health Problems

Respiratory Illnesses

Ear Nose And Throat

Endocrine System


Disease and Illness 


Kidney Problems

Noor clinic is educational website for male and female youngsters. They can discuss their health related problem and get answered by Doctor’s and other experts. Noorclinic site is successfully running since 2003.

Forum is running by Dr. Syed Rizwanul Haque MBBS (DOW) Karachi Pakistan. You can get NoorClinic Books on Sex Education by Prof Arshad Javed. You can discuss your problems on their forum and forum is divided into category for boys and girls, Married women and men are their medical.

When we take a look on noor clinic forum the first category of the forum is-

Social problem
Social problem category deals with self problems you can post your self problem here and experts gives you tips how to solve your problem.

Culture and society

This category deals with culture and society problem post your society problems.

Family and love
Post your issues regarding your family and love here is place you can share your stuff.


This main category is very important and informative especially I like it so much we can get lots of information about general, health and Islam. You can get lots of informative articles on these topics.   
Sports and game
In sports and game you can get complete info about Pakistani cricket, Pakistan cricket board, Indian cricket, football, and hockey.

Other categories are dedicated to boys and girls and their health issues. Last 3 categories in this forum are important and informative.

In politics section you can get information about Pakistan politics, India politics, Pakistani politics, and Indian politics.

In chatting section you can start thread for normal chat ask your problem and get answer from experts and professionals

Food and recipes
This section is dedicated to Pakistani recipes, Indian recipes, Pakistani food, Indian food, Chinese food.

This section deals with Urdu poetry, Urdu sms, Urdu jokes, share your poetry here in this category.

In suggestion you can share you suggestion to help improve this site.

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