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Ovulation is the time that describes the phases of the menstrual cycle “or” Ovulation is a stage that occurs during female’s periods. During that period ovarian release mature egg known as ovum. These ovarian follicles start maturing and developing with pituitary hormones in each menstrual cycle. In whole process only one follicle developed completely and rest of other becomes recede. This developed follicle produces egg that will be released and can be fertilized. The budding follicles start increasing the quantity of hormones estrogen. With rapid increases of estrogen flow of luteinizing hormone start. These hormones rush the release of mature egg from the follicle. This whole process is known as “Ovulation”.  

Ovulation Cycle:

As discuss earlier that ovulation is the event that takes place during menstrual cycle. It has different phases or cycle. The phase before the ovulation is known as follicles stage, at that stage ovarian follicles start developing. This follicle phase also known as preovulatory phase. After that second phase is called Luteal phase also known as postovulatory phase.. The length of first phase may vary but second phase remain constant from period to period for the same woman. Some time ovulation cycle becomes irregular because of its early or later happening.

Given below fertility charts with red vertical lines shows the ovulation cycle phase;

Cycle Phases,ovulation,calculator,


When does Ovulation take place?

Research shows ovulation take place two weeks or 10-16 days before women periods. But it can be vary due to length of luteal phase. An average estimated periods of 28 day cycle, it usually happen between the periods 13-15 days.  A study by American Society for Reproductive Medicine argued that menstrual cycle commonly happen from day 21 to 35 days. Some time it may be longer or shorter.

Example: Most often women got their ovulation phase from 23rd day of cycle that may be long 3 days with 12 day luteal phase; on the other hand it may occur on cycle day 10 for a woman with 14day luteal phase length in 24 day cycle. This all variations show that there is no fix date or time and formula that can calculate your ovulation time.  But with fertility signals we can learn about it easily.  

Ovulation Calculator/Calendar:

Both ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar helps to female to track their premium time to forecast the fertile time period of their month, so they can easily increases the chances of pregnancy.
Ovulation calculator is a tool that is used to calculate the approximate date of ovulation and by using it female get to know the most fertile days. They can better plan for pregnancy by having proper treatment when got ovulation. It also helps to getting more chance of boy or girl. According to research if you got intercourse 03 days before your ovulation than getting more chances of having girl, because of sperm carrying female X-chromosomes live longer as compare to male Y-chromosome and swim slower. This gives maximum chances of girl.

Ovulation Calculator|Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation Symptoms:

Female can detect their ovulation period easily because their body produces different signals and alert them that ovulation is approaching and gives sign them that ovulation has passed. Sign of ovulation is not difficult to notice. When estrogen and luteinizing hormone are found in urine than they are approaching ovulation is approaching. After ovulation body temperature raises that indicate ovulation has passed.  If you don’t get sign of ovulation and face irregular period, than must consult to your doctor who diagnosed your infertility.

After the Ovulation:

After the ovulation process, fallopian tubes pick one egg and start traveling in fallopian tube. Here fertilization process begins and follicle becomes corpus luteum after getting ovulation and begins to exude the heat stir up hormone, progesterone. Fertilization of egg must start within this time frame i.e. 12 to 24 hours, after that egg becomes degenerate and los capacity to become fertilized. This lifespan time is too short but sperm drop earlier to ovulation and can survive for few days in female reproductive territory.

Ovulation Pain:

It is common having ovulation pain during female periods. It is pain in female one sided abdomen. This pain during ovulation is called ovulation pain also called mittelschmerz (middle pain), and it may vary from woman to woman approximately one minute to 48 hour. Mostly it happened two weeks before the female period is due. Although ovulation pain is harmless, but in case of longer time period of pain, heavy bleeding and find other medical symptoms than you should consult to doctor. 

Ovulation Disorders:

Absence of ovulation is known as ovulation disorder or anovulation and oligoovulation (Irregular ovulation).   When ovulation becomes irregular or not completed absent than it is called “Oligoovulation” both oligoovulation and anovulation are type of ovulatory disorder.


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