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www.Quranexplorer.com, from 2005, is committed to spread the message of Holy Quran to world at no cost. Download Holy Quran with Translation

Quran with Urdu Translation

The site is working as a large source of guidance and light for the people of world who are in search of truth and peace. The site is moderated very carefully and providing correct and free of mistakes material on the site. They have a solid proofing and security system including Muslim Scholars of DeoBand school of thought (Alims).

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Even with all this, visitors are encouraged to contact admin about any errors found in material. There is excellent and useful stuff on the site related to Holy Quran, Ahadees and Islam, that is why it has more than 26 million unique visitors. The Navigation  of site is very simple and easy to grasp the idea. There is a complete database of all 30 Parahs and 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran. The site provides not only Arabic version but also English translation of every verse for better understanding of people who are not familiar with Arabic or Urdu. Translation in Urdu of DeoBand scholor is available on site. The Quran and its translation is available in both written and audio mp3 form, which can be access with just a single click on the Audio commentary button or play button in explorer window. You can also download Quran explorer recitation and translation software for your PC from Quran explorer. Moreover, there is also a database of Ahadees in form of Books and audio Urdu commentary on site i.e. Sahih al  Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif etc. There is not only Quran and Hadees resource but also there are famous Duas and Prayer timing applications and other Islamic websites information, which make the site complete bundle for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims for Islamic material. Quran and Science is a remarkable addition to the site that provides a great knowledge about Quran’s and modern Science. By reading this information, the faith on ALLAH & Holy Quran firms more and one can feel the light and harmony of Islam. The site also includes Muslims faith about most common questions raised in world.


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